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Fed up of playing at tired, old sites? Come play at a truly 21st century venue. We bring years of experience along with a fresh outlook to running paintball games. With the emphasis placed on customer experience, we’ve set out to raise the standards that other sites class as acceptable and bring you your best day out ever. With better gear, better staff, better fields and better facilities there is only one option for a premier paintball experience: Camouflage Paintball!




Full day of fun

A full day in a purpose built battlefield in the Dorset Countryside with more than 6 different types of games to play. Join forces with your friends and conquer!


Get fully loaded!

From smoke grenades, paint bombs and armour -there are many options to choose from!


All timings are approximate - Our Indigo Tour leader will be present throughout the day

09:00 Depart Westbourne - next to Kaplan School - County Gate bus stop
09:10 Depart Bournemouth Town Centre, St Peters Road
09:20 Depart Bournemouth Travel Interchange, Bay J or K (next to Asda)
10:00Arrive at Camouflage Paintball - Safety brief and gear up for games!
13:00 Lunchbreak (45 minutes) - Pizza included!
13:45 Paintball games continue.
16:45 Games finish - Clean up
17:15 Depart Camouflage Paintball
18:00 Arrive Bournemouth Interchange
18:10 Arrive Bournemouth Town Centre
18:20 Arrive Westbourne



Return travel by open-top bus
Experienced and friendly tour leader
Full day at Camouflage Paint Ball Venue - play 10 to 12 different games in one day
All equiment - Paintball gun, camouflage overall, Safety helmet and 100 balls to get you started
Pizza lunch included



  • 100 Paintballs: £7.00

  • 125 Paintballs: £10.00

  • 500 Paintballs: £35.00

  • 1000 Paintballs: £65.00

Some of the games at Camouflage Paintball

The Bunker

To win this game your team needs to dominate the entire field. You need to flush out the enemy team from their command bunker to gain control of their end of the field while ensuring that your own bunker remains safe in your team’s hands.

The Mayan Jungle

Test your intellect as well as your trigger finger. The attacking team must find five puzzle pieces hidden amongst the pyramids. They then have to complete the deceptively simple puzzle all while under fire from the defending team. The teams then swap roles and
it starts all over again.

The Gates of Mordor

Do you have what it takes to get “The One Ring” through the Gates of Mordor? The Gates are heavily defended and it takes good teamwork and bravery to get the ring into Mount Doom to destroy it. A grenade thrown into the towers will certainly help though.

Death Valley

Your team needs to have control of the centre of the field at the end of the game to win. Do you play defensively or push a force along the sides of the valley?  Do you go all out at the start and try and keep possession of the centre for the duration of the game, or do you attack towards the end of the game when it’s too late for the enemy to counter attack?